VF Corporation is betting on its new Soho hub as the base for its UK growth ambitions.
US brand powerhouse VF Corporation, the owner of brands such as Vans, The North Face, Timberland and Dickies, has unveiled a new 16,000 sq ft home on Warwick Street in the heart of London’s Soho. Described by the 120-year-old business as an “experiential brand showcase”, VF has overhauled Soho’s Axtell building to create a hybrid workspace and showroom.

VF has long relied on mobile order entry and order support from MobiMedia.  VF now also uses the new digital showroom Quintet® by MobiMedia for its market presence in its new Axtell Soho Retail space. Transparent, clear and self-explanatory – those were the requirements for the platform. Extensive information on articles, customers, orders, delivery dates etc. are available in the digital showroom at the push of a button. The ideal sales support for the global player.

The focus here: intelligent sales support with a digital showroom.
Individualized marketing integration with strong-selling workbooks and lookbooks ensures user-friendly infrastructure to support digitalisation from product development to management of retail, wholesale and online channel spaces. Ongoing monthly programmes instead of inflexible seasonal collections and permanent digital distribution of flexible capsule collections round off the services provided by MobiMedia to VF.

The intelligent digital showrooms form MobiMedia will help VF improve usability with high-performance and sophisticated functions in the B2B area. This creates greater speed and ease to ensure a successful procurement process. Clear, visually elegant product information that can be called up quickly and the option of integrating intelligent workbooks make the latest generation of the MobiMedia Quintet web tool a competitively priced application in the retail wholesales market.

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