Challenge: smarte digital showrooms for Gabor
Exceptional curation, consistently engaging content, and outstanding customer service are pivotal in determining the success of brands in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape.
MobiMedia aims to bolster manufacturers and retailers with its digital showrooms, providing inspiring shopping experiences to ignite interest among customers.
Virtual showrooms with intelligent process integration and hybrid utilisation create a unique bridge between reality and virtuality.
Users have seamless access to all content, enhancing their storytelling capabilities. The objective is to facilitate cross-selling and upselling through data analysis while maintaining an emotional connection throughout the process.

Innovative technologies for fast-paced market trends. What specifically prompted Gabor to further develop the tools in collaboration with MobiMedia?

“The incentive came from best practice at ANWR, where the Quintet24 order portal was already in use. During the COVID-19 phase, Gabor sought optimised ways to better connect with its retailers online and support sales. Additionally, there were suggestions from representatives to implement new requirements. Contacts with retailers were served through various channels: via the B2B portal, email, and through the representative portal. We still have this transparency, but now finally within a program.”

Custom tools for personal service at Gabor

Gabor utilises the MobiMedia tools globally, and the system is also employed in-house for optimised inventory management. This allows for a highly tailored presentation for individual users across Europe/Worldwide, Belgium, the Netherlands, or the Benelux countries.

Which features of the new tools are crucial for Gabor in their daily work?
You can intelligently present the collection at a much earlier stage and refine it based on feedback, adding missing colours or shapes, cancelling products with less demand much earlier, or adapting collections to the needs of the market. “At Gabor, these use cases are the focus: online order processing and online availability, as seen in the B2B Quintet. Also, the integration of sales representative order processing and B2B shop, such as intelligent workbooks. Additionally, Gabor employees can create their own customised workbooks and share them with retailers for further processing. This allows us to tailor our approach even more individually to each customer. For instance, the customised bestseller lists enable us to further refine our service for retailers, ensuring it targets specific demographics accurately. Additionally, the personalised reports for our representatives, such as customer comparisons and bestseller lists, are presented in a Gabor-specific manner. We also want to emphasise the highly customisable presentation options available. Our representatives worldwide can thus tailor their personal dashboards to suit their interactions with clients.”

Usability & practical relevance
“For us, user-friendliness is the be-all and end-all. The buyer can recognise trends and successfully lead to sales. This demonstrates how the MobiMedia system truly supports our Gabor sales efforts. For example, it’s ideal for us that workbooks can be changed from initial orders to follow-up orders. We particularly appreciate MobiMedia’s ability to tailor their solutions to Gabor’s specific requirements, such as displaying availability and quantity and generating customised bestseller lists. Other examples include simultaneous order processing and revenue representation by customer or retailer. Furthermore, the display of 24 shoe images per item, along with the ability to download images in every view, whether high-resolution or smaller thumbnails, is invaluable. This enhances the consultation process significantly and makes the portal a true facilitator of our representatives’ work.”


What is the user feedback? What suggestions did users make?
“At every level, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from agents and customers (retailers). Suggestions from representatives and retailers were discussed internally, with the majority implemented in the tool following consultation with the sales management. MobiMedia’s practical understanding was crucial to us. Many ideas originated directly from MobiMedia’s young, dedicated development team, and simultaneously, our ideas were met with receptive ears, rigorously evaluated for practicality in both process and practice, and implemented.”

Optimal support of internal IT departments by MobiMedia
“For us, the integrated approach of the platform is crucial: everything seamlessly interacts, and the data transfer interfaces are optimally resolved. As an administrator, I always have full and secure transparency of the processes. For instance, I can access the agents and web contacts, thus viewing the data of each respective account. With the same database, we can perfectly support the representative.”

Collaboration as equal partners with a clear focus throughout the project.
“To put it succinctly: It’s a collaborative, targeted partnership on equal footing. The expertise and technical knowledge have been truly impressive. This applies to our collaboration with the MobiMedia team throughout the project as well as during the rollout and beyond. The service, response times, and problem-solving abilities of the MobiMedia service team are remarkable. We always have direct professional contact. We want to highlight the quality of the personal support, especially during the testing/rollout phase and during trade shows and weekends.”

Agile solution-oriented customer communication
“Immediate, agile, solution-oriented responses are at the forefront on both sides: In service and customer communication, we utilise all channels available. Depending on what is most convenient for our customers in their situation. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, entirely new perspectives became possible. Swift contact via Teams quickly brings clarity. We reduce email ping-pong, and our intelligent ticketing system allows us to effectively differentiate requirements for swift resolution.”

“Quick and close communication was essential, especially during the tight phases of the project. We’ve found it both pleasant and highly service-oriented that we can easily utilize various channels for communication: the customer contact chat, our online meetings, or the ticketing system. This flexibility in extended support makes MobiMedia the ideal partner for us.
Especially during busy trade show periods, new collection presentations, or various in-house transitions, it’s reassuring to have a reliable partner with additional expertise by our side. We’ve been able to request very short-notice extended support options from MobiMedia, and they’ve always been competently provided. This is professional collaboration on equal footing without bureaucratic hurdles.”

Where will the journey take us next? A look ahead
“We’ve made significant strides in digitisation, but we still have various projects underway or in planning for greater efficiency and an even better customer experience. Naturally, we have further collaboration projects in the pipeline aimed at optimising processes and leveraging external capacities and cross-manufacturer expertise.
Process integration, in particular, presents valuable opportunities that we aim to capitalise on in the market. Additionally, the incorporation of potential AI support in order processing is on the agenda for our joint project group with MobiMedia Forecasts, integrated reporting, bestseller recommendations, well-founded forecasts with various filters – this is also standard and has different levels of expansion. This data can be enriched with benchmarking information or with AI simulations. We still have a lot to do.”

We would like to thank everyone for the detailed discussion with everyone involved in the project!
We would also like to say thank you very much for the comprehensive help in providing the Gabor-specific content.
The MobiMedia team looks forward to further collaboration!

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