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Aqua Lung: after Quintet® now B2B Webshop by MobiMedia, too.

Aqua Lung: Following Quintet by MobiMedia for field service, Aqua Lung is now also commissioning a B2B webshop by MobiMedia.
The intelligent ordering tool from MobiMedia will help Aqua Lung improve usability with high-performance and sophisticated functions in the B2B area. This creates greater speed and ease to ensure a successful procurement process.

Margarete Steiff GmbH: digital showroom now also in the US

Margarete Steiff GmbH: digital showroom now also in the US
“Overall, we can highlight the stability, reliability and speed of the system. It was important to us that it is an established tool that runs stable and secure and that reliably provides us with up-to-date information in an appealing presentation worldwide at all times.”

Digital Showroom: Workshop with MobiMedia

Review: Workshop with MobiMedia: The digital showroom in the sports industry on 3 July 2019 in Munich. Topic: The digital showroom for the sports industry. An order portal for permanent communication between manufacturer and retailer. Opportunities for optimal goods...

Tom Tailor: Successful orders with MobiMedia Quintet®

Tom Tailor: almost 200,000 orders with a new MobiMedia order system. Cost savings in the creation of sample collections and increased transparency and quality in pre-ordering – that is what MobiMedia Quintet® stands for. The Tom Tailor brand relies on MobiMedia...

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