New Management Board Spokesperson at MobiMedia Group: Reinhold Wawrzynek appointed CEO. On this occasion, we spoke to him about the new challenges and opportunities for the company.

Mr Wawrzynek, you are the new CEO of MobiMedia. A challenge in these times. Where do you see opportunities for MobiMedia in terms of tailor-made innovation?

In general, we’re experiencing a changing market and a change in demand. Tailor-made, targeted innovation depends on individual situations and cross-process factors.
Among our customers, we’re noticing an increased sensitivity for the situation and a trend towards accepting the challenges of digital transformation. The networking of the high street shopping experience and the mobile shopping world is sustainably shaping future potential and development opportunities.

Customer journey, brand experience and digital storytelling – all placeholders for what currently occupies and motivates many of our customers in the context of digital and hybrid change processes. And that’s exactly where we come in with our strategy, providing support with our agile systems approach!
From our perspective this means: sustainable promotion of our solution for a hybrid market presence combined with the flexibility of order management for pre-orders and re-orders.”

What advantages do you see for MobiMedia in the market compared to competitors?

“Historically, our core strength has been the order management process from the very beginning and this is still the case today across our product range. At first glance, the approaches seem to be similar, but on closer inspection a process-integrated strategy is the key.
We’re not afraid to address difficult areas and that’s an important distinguishing feature!”

“It’s not about offering trendy features, but providing solutions for sustainable, cross-process support and proving this in practice. This applies to the planning process, marketing integration for digital storytelling as well as consideration of the many different aspects of the order processes both for simple and complex requirements in our industry.”

What will be different under your leadership?

Well, I’m not entirely new to the management team and have already been able to actively shape the business.
In a sporting sense, we’re already seeing the first changes. Following the introduction of a Jobrad strategy, an increasing number of colleagues are coming to work by e-bike. 😊
I think it’s crucial to promote collaboration between organisational development and strategic product development. This means bundling of core competencies, also in terms of partnerships, enhancement of our core profile as well as expansion of our digital services and active change management.
In respect of healthy organisational development, we focus on a healthy combination of new, young employees in our team, our “young guns” and the “old hands”.

They say a company is only as good as its employees. MobiMedia now has a completely different approach to its daily project business:
The keywords are ‘agile working’ and ‘flat hierarchies’. Is this your secret to success which motivates employees to keep developing new innovations?

“Without doubt, we attach great importance to team motivation and short decision-making processes.
Placing trust in others and sharing responsibility is our motto. Mutual appreciation and an agile mind are extremely important in a team. Promoting individual strengths, compensating for weaknesses together and helping each other. I’ve had the best experience with this and it is an everyday part of our corporate culture.
In the daily project organisation, we link this with agile working methods, where self-responsibility, structured working and decision-making competence go hand in hand.”

Keyword ‘home office’ – many companies see this as a big challenge. Are you prepared for this?
Which challenges can you still see – keyword ‘energy price crisis’….

“I’m constantly looking to exchange experiences with colleagues at other companies on this topic. Whether start-ups, traditional types of company or large companies, ultimately everyone has to find their own optimised approach. At MobiMedia, we follow a hybrid approach true to the motto “Agility meets presence”!
Our advantage is that we already laid the foundations for mobile IT infrastructure before the pandemic and we can carry out our work flexibly regardless of the location and with the appropriate self-image.
At the same time, we value a personal corporate culture where we can also discuss things not related to business together over a coffee. A virtual coffee doesn’t quite taste the same.

We also moved to our new company building in March 2022 and offer many different aspects of a modern, future-oriented and chilled working world. Whether on a beanbag by the entrance stairs, in our outdoor lounge or at a desk, we also offer variety at the office. 😊
In terms of working from home and coming to the office, we have agile rules for this.”

Reinhold Wawrzynek has been at MobiMedia AG since 2005 and as Board Member/COO was previously responsibly for operational activities and major international projects.

MobiMedia AG has been active in the market for over 25 years and is a leading provider of order management solutions for the fashion, shoe and sports industries.

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