Sprint Order –  ANWR, SABU und MobiMedia started digital showroom for shoe industry.

As a new branch solution for the exchange of goods between industry and retail, ANWR and SABU have initiated Sprint Order together with Mobimedia. How does the new system work?

If no trade fairs are taking place, general contact restrictions apply and the time window for ordering is very small, you have to rethink. Against this background, MobiMedia, those responsible at ANWR and SABU have set up a new service based on the existing Quintet24 order platform, which is intended to give all retailers – regardless of their membership of a group or size – access to the industry’s range of products.

Interested parties should be able to view collections with just a few mouse clicks and execute all pre- and post-order processes. A few weeks ago, the first information about Sprint Order was released. The platform for the spring/summer 2021 Order has been live since mid-June.

In an interview with “schuhkurier”, Thomas Eichmeier (ANWR Schuh), Stefan Krug (SABU) and Reinhold Wawrzynek (MobiMedia) explain the advantages of the new system. Here you find the full article as pdf.

How did you find the response after the first Sprint Order release?

Reinhold Wawrzynek: We have met with great demand. There have already been many appointments and demo presentations. What is positively surprising from our point of view is that not only small manufacturers and retailers are interested in Sprint Order, but also big players.
It should be noted that Sprint Order joint action was initially focused on small manufacturers to give them quick access to the digital ordering process. The Corona situation has now accelerated and intensified everything: the further development of the platform itself, and, especially, participation from retail and industry.
The Quintet24 system had already been developed before the Corona crisis and was aimed at advancing the digitalisation process in the sector. About 20 brands from the fashion sector have participated in the last two months alone. We expect Sprint Order to achieve a penetration of the footwear market.

How is the access of retailers to Sprint Order technically enabled?

Reinhold Wawrzynek: The retailer receives an invitation from the supplier by e-mail with a link to Quintet24. If the retailer is already registered, after the next login he will automatically have access to the contents published by the supplier that are assigned to him. Retailer data from ANWR and SABU can be automatically imported into the system. Special technical equipment is not necessary. Interfaces to the merchandise management system are not mandatory for the order. Whenever an order is approved, the retailer automatically receives an e-mail containing the order in PDF and Excel format. However, an interface to merchandise management can be set up on request.


Retailers will probably order less against the background of the Corona crisis. Exhibiting at trade fairs and also participating in Sprint Order incurs costs for manufacturers. How can that be balanced out?

Tobias Eichmeier:  It is important to see Sprint Order not as an association tool, but as a comprehensive platform for the entire shoe industry. If you look at it that way, Quintet24 offers the potential for more sales because you can reach all retailers. If I were a manufacturer, I would not use Sprintorder as a trade fair replacement, but as a sales tool. I can also see a significant increase in efficiency in the order process: In future, retailers will be able to view up to 80% of the collections and get a comprehensive overview of the collection without having to spend one euro of the limit in advance.
Duplicates can thus be excluded, price ranges intelligently designed and innovations and new brands purchased in a targeted manner.
A real benefit!

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