Remote life:
Supply chain interruptions, backup supply challenges and uncertainty about the future.

We need time to get used to our new remote life.
Health is currently our most important asset.

We can and should prepare the way for an orderly system after the crisis.

It’s not about profit, it’s about the common good:
supply chains, ensuring there are backup supplies and jobs.
It’s about security.

We want to help you overcome the current crisis by enabling you to implement online pre-orders and re-orders quickly and without bureaucracy.

We expect there to be crises in both supply and demand at the same time.
From July, retailer confidence in ordering will be severely shaken, some people may not get to the showrooms.

Manufacturers will have to react to a massive reduction in pre-orders, there will be procurement problems and the sample goods in the collection will not always be guaranteed.

Which is why we have reacted quickly to make you an offer.

From 1/4/2020 you can publish your B2B offering on, our industry portal. There you can place pre-orders and post-orders with a product catalogue or present them in the best possible light in digital workbooks and lookbooks.

The buyer can click directly on the workbooks to place an order.

Thus the buyer very quickly has a platform at his disposal which converts his current demand into sales for you.

He can search for specific products and will come across your offering, more so than on B2B pages. Direct product comparison is thereby excluded.

Each buyer sees only his suppliers. You are assured that only your customers have access to your offer.

And if a buyer cannot visit your showroom in July, you are covered and can supply him online.

How does it work?

We interface your goods and the mail addresses of your buyers on the portal. There you can immediately enrich your products with pictures and create workbooks. The orders then end up in the mobile app again so that all the processes run smoothly. All products are country-specific with the respective EC country registered trader and receiver RRP.

Interfaces and training in workbook creation take one day online. This work is included in our maintenance contract. We know that all resources are currently tight. This is the fastest way to get your online sales up and running.

We charge 5 euros for every actual order we return. Small orders under 200 euros are free.

There are no further costs. We guarantee prices until 31/12/2020
We are starting implementation immediately.

From 1/5/2020 you can also book goods directly in the portal, even before you have entered everything in your ERP.

Please also inform your business and sales management. We would be happy to discuss the options for you in a web meeting. Please send us a brief appointment request and invite us to a web meeting.

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