At the Federal-State Summit on 19 January 2021, it was decided, among other things, that certain “digital assets” acquired or produced after 1 January 2021 could be written off immediately. This is intended to stimulate the economy and promote digitalisation.

The implementation should take place in accordance with the law. Accordingly, a normal useful life of one year will be announced within the scope of a BMF statement. These assets are therefore no longer subject to (standard) depreciation. Rather, the costs can be fully taken into account for tax purposes in the year of acquisition or production.

 “Digital assets” within the meaning of this announcement include computer hardware (including the peripheral devices belonging to it) as well as the operating and user software required for data input and processing. Placing the useful life at one year can be justified by the increasingly rapid technical progress in this segment.

This means that investments in your customer projects with MobiMedia can be written off fully this year. Take this opportunity to optimise your digitalisation at home. We would be happy to show you our tools!


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