Digital work – what are we talking about?

Basically, we are talking about a decentralized working model that has already been practiced, especially among the self-employed and freelancers.

Specifically, it is about flexible and location-independent work. Time independence reaches its limits where concrete project dates and specifications make sense and are effective. Within startup scene in particular, self-determined work on the World Wide Web is on everyone’s lips and has become indispensable.

And from our point of view that is also the charm.

On the one hand, to include the atmosphere of the startup idea and, on the other hand, not to neglect grown values ​​and personality in terms of communication.

Digital work – Agility made by MobiMedia!

Allowing and accompanying change management, this is where we reach progress within organizational development. Agility during project should also be reflected in the daily work process. This is the only way to open up new perspectives and opportunities for “cloud working”.

Our “young savages” find themselves with their self-image and also benefit from the experience of the organization.

And what does that look like in practice?

The project team meets in the “Digital Workplace” for a sprint review. This means that we are also able to act flexibly and dynamically in international projects. The customer sits at the table with the project team, even though he is not physically on site.

And our employees who work in the home office are in the middle of it in live mode also without being on site.

Digital work – that really moves us forward?

Of course, it’s important to consider where each organization comes to its boundaries in terms of flexibility. Trust in your employees, work content, convenience, technical integration and your own identification with change management are essential success factors.

My personal impression and my observation show that colleagues work more agile and happier when cloud working is an option. Work and family can be managed more flexibly and more precisely and I speak from my experience as a new dad of a small son.

From a company’s perspective, we are capable of growth and open to sustainable and future-oriented organizational development. With this in mind, we are also designing our new company campus.

…News will follow!

Author. R. Wawrzynek, Board Member / COO

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