Digital showrooms? Virtual showrooms – with smart process integration and hybrid use offer a unique connection between reality and virtuality
MobiMedia understands the advantages of the physical as well as the virtual showroom and brings both together. The physical showroom can now also be supported digitally. This means the user can access all content at any time and improve their storytelling. The goal is cross-selling and upselling based on data analysis, always combined with authentic emotion. That’s because our industry doesn’t live on sales figures alone – fashion is always about inspiration and enthusiasm.
Fashion trends are fast-moving – How do MobiMedia’s digital showrooms support a shorter time-to-market?
You can present the collection intelligently at a much earlier stage and use the feedback to fine-tune the collection. You can add missing colours or shapes – and cancel products with less demand much sooner.
Reinhold Wawrzynek, CEO MobiMediaGroup: “This is old hat for us at MobiMedia – we’ve been doing this for more than ten years. Things only get really interesting when I can link data and make forecasts. What are the coming trends? What will really sell? In this shop location, with this customer segment. I can fill entire shelves with one swipe, at the same time see how my decorations are received, get design suggestions, and see when and where which product holder needs to be repositioned.
We try to provide buyers with optimal support and focus on the creative side of purchasing by preparing the logistics and figures in the background.
For us, user-friendliness is the be-all and end-all. The buyer can recognize trends and successfully lead to sales. Our motto: Data is there to give substance to decisions, not to replace them. Fashion is an attitude to life. It is not stubbornly predicted by the past. That can be a basis, but you still need the buyer’s perspective to make the forecasts.”

The new forms of sales require new concepts to inspire retail customers. Premium brands are digitising their sales rooms and creating interactive worlds of experience. Digital showrooms are an ideal platform for this new type of customer advice. Digital, colourful, new – the boundaries between physical and virtual presence are fluid. At the same time, it is a tool that can be used to clearly answer customer questions.
The formats can be customized – so the product range can be presented in an innovative and space-saving manner. Without additional staff or costly collection variants. The digital showroom not only supports product and brand communication at the POS, but also leads to a longer stay.

At MobiMedia we talk about the “virtual showroom” because it combines the advantages of both worlds: in our virtual showroom we offer the infrastructure for 360 degree images and videos, a Shop the Look feature and collection boards on which brands can present their bestsellers, for example. You can also create custom landing pages where you can tell your brand story and highlight its key looks and styles.

Digital showrooms with smart process integration & the latest generation of digital storytelling
We have developed the latest generation of digital showrooms so they can be seamlessly integrated into hybrid use along your personal process chain: from ordering and replenishment to integrated planning and smart inseason management.
Digital storytelling for unique ordering experiences: both as online trade fair orders, pre-order and post-order support with digital workbooks. This allows you to prepare efficient sales discussions tailored to the needs of the customer: Powerseller and sample suggestions in personal workbooks for direct ordering, compatible with all product data and marketing materials. The focus is always on the right brand experience; a uniform brand appearance is always guaranteed despite many individual functions.

Brand visibility and brand experience
Whether directly on site or virtually – MobiMedia’s digital showroom concept enables the consistent networking of manufacturers and retailers. Agility and flexibility expand the scope for action immensely.

Always on board as a basis: Pre-order, reorder, smart replenishment, content and digital presentation in the digital showroom.

All data is always ready during operation: integrated product data, filterable, selectable, individually adaptable, configurable. Intelligent filters of product data.

Real-time access, intelligent filters across the collections, custom catalogues and workbooks, parallel writing, sample orders, capsules, quick actions with all data relevant to the item and the order (images, videos, etc.) Interactive workbooks.

Visual assortments – optimize collaboration between design, merchandising and development teams.

Strengthen the brand experience – from individual to curated, high-selling ranges – simply via swap.

Integrated solution – planning, dashboards and statistics always on board

The basis of a well-founded sales decision is various information from different channels. These must be available quickly and clearly. This includes planned figures that MM also offers via integrated planning.

Reacting to trends in real time with all relevant data, leading to sales – this is a given with MobiMedia’s hybrid digital showrooms. A budget comparison integrated into the ordering process is a given.

Forecasts, integrated reporting, bestseller recommendations, well-founded forecasts with various filters – this is also standard and has different levels of expansion. This data can be enriched with benchmarking information or with AI simulations.



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