Encounters in the Digital Age

It was finally possible again:
Art enthusiasts and artists met for Pfarrkirchener Art and Museum Night 2022. The entire city centre in Pfarrkirchen became an ‘art mile’: Smiling faces, singing, dancing, going with the flow. A balmy summer evening that couldn’t really have been much better. A picture-perfect art and museum night.

Everyone was very grateful.
Grateful to finally be out and about again, to meet people normally again. Absolutely everyone had a big smile on their face: interested and curious, thoughtful and tolerant, open to new encounters. Just like life should be. A feeling that we should keep hold of, a feeling that should make us strong, especially for the coming autumn.

Music, colours, shapes, textures and themes – watching and participating
The drummers of Samboni got things off to a spectacular start with racing hearts. Bobbing, clapping, knocking, stomping – Samboni simply have rhythm in their blood. We couldn’t let them leave without a few encores.

Not only watching, participating too –
crossing boundaries is very desirable
The young artists of GoKoDaLi gave the word “encounter” a completely new dimension. Then it was time to join in with Günther Reil & friends: painting and music. What does this involve? Experiencing the artist in action – joining in and getting a memento too. And maybe also a desire to have another go with the paintbrushes and colour ourselves.
The next art night isn’t far away – maybe one of you will be there as an artist too? We’d all love this.
Here’s a video with our impressions:

Have we made you curious?
If you want to find out more about the artists, you can find the exhibited works and other material here:

“Überleben” by Jessica Dierich  
Jessica Dierich is studying Communications Design at HTW Berlin. She has a multimedia approach to her work. Her current focus in on the areas of videography, print and illustration.
More about her exhibited project»

“Lost in truncation”  by Daniela Vogl
Daniela Vogel is currently studying the final semester of Communications Design at HTW Berlin and during her studies has put a focus on AI Art and creative coding.
More about her exhibited project»

“Cogito” by Linda Maas
Linda Maas is also at HTW Berlin and is studying a Bachelor’s degree. She quickly discovered 3D visualization as her preferred medium.
More about her exhibited project»

Kolja Walden is a multimedia designer and artist from Berlin. In his most recent phase, he has primarily focused on the urban influences of his city.
You can find more of his work here»

Sebastian Bouchon is currently studying a Masters degree in Psychology and is trying to reflect the transformation of the urban space with his photography. You can find more of his work here»

Gorm Labenz has already completed a wide range of design projects across a variety of media. You can find more of his work here»  and here»

Günther Reil also offers courses in action painting. You can find out more about him and his work here»

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