The joy about the donation was on both sides: (v.l.) Reinhold Wawrzynek, COO,  Hannes Rambold, CEO MobiMedia and mayor Wolfgang Beißmann. Representatives of the MobiMedia team followed the meeting via video call.− Foto: Stewart


Every year all MobiMedia employees meet with their families for a Christmas party. In 2020, everything is different: Corona is having an effect in all areas of our everyday life. Not everyone has the option of a home office; many companies are putting their staff on reduced hours. Some are shutting up shop completely. This has also been the fate of many families in our region.

The MobiMedia staff have therefore suggested donating the sum earmarked for the Christmas party to people in need. We could use it to give them a treat, especially now in the Christmas season. Said, done: 5,000 Euro will now go to benefit the social fund of the city of Pfarrkirchen. Mayor Wolfgang Beißmann accepted the donation at the company headquarters.

Supporting people at home

“It is important to us to help those who fall out of the support programmes because they have enough from the point of view of the state. Our mayor knows first-hand where the money is needed,” says Hannes Rambold. After all, we want to support people from home, i.e. from the local area. “It’s a pleasure to us to see the money reach those who need it. The donation is a gift from our employees,” he stressed.

Beißmann praised the company’s social commitment and, above all, expressed his thanks to the employees. “In our experience, it is often the quiet and withdrawn people who are in urgent need of help,” he said. It’s usually about quite mundane things, such as extra medical payments or elderly people who have no money to buy their grandchildren a Christmas present. “If you can make this possible for them and then they get to see the smiles of their grandchildren, then you can give them the greatest joy,” says Beißmann. This is exactly where we want to start, supporting and providing generous help. “The money will be greatly appreciated and make this Christmas for many people.”

Source: PNP / Laura Stewart

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