Tom Tailor: almost 200,000 orders with a new MobiMedia order system.

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The Tom Tailor brand relies on MobiMedia Quintet®: The Tom Tailor Group is entering a challenging year in 2019 in which the growth of the core brand Tom Tailor should be further strengthened, according to CEO Heiko Schäfer in connection with the offer of the Fosun Group. No one less than the Chinese billionaire Guo Guangchang will be supporting the further reorganisation.

He recently increased his share of the fashion company from 29 to more than 35 percent through a capital increase. Now there is a bid to completely take over Tom Tailor.

“The fact that Fosun fully subscribes to the new shares is something we see as a vote of confidence in our chosen course”, said CEO Schäfer. CFO Thomas Dressendörfer emphasised that Fosun’s involvement is also a clear signal to investors and financing banks that an anchor shareholder wants to support the fashion company in the long term. Guo Guangchang has been involved in many fashion companies in recent years. These range from the French Lanvin Group through Caruso in Italy and the hosiery manufacturer Wolford in Switzerland to Tom Tailor.

Guo has built up a large Chinese group of companies in just 25 years. It last showed sales of over eleven billion euros. It includes three branches or ecosystems, as Guo Guangchang calls them: Health (pharma), prosperity (finances) and happiness (consumption, lifestyle). Fosun has been with Tom Tailor since 2014 and has gradually increased its stake in recent years to almost 30 percent. The investment company also took over the Frankfurt private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser.

Tom Tailor Holding AG, headquartered in Hamburg-Niendorf, is a holding company of several fashion companies of the umbrella brands Tom Tailor and is available in more than 400 of its own retail outlets as well as its own online shop. Overall, the Tom Tailor brand is represented in more than 35 countries and 9,800 sales locations around the world.