We’re also not averse to a little praise.
Here are extracts from the BTE magazine for the fashion trade – 4/2020

A digital revolution is taking place in the fashion industry. It wasn’t triggered by Corona, but it has accelerated. How manufacturers and traders are dealing with this:

MobiMedia AG from Pfarrkirchen is well equipped with secure tools:
CEO Hannes Rambold says: “Over 140 brands are already working digitally with the latest tools from MobiMedia. We supply all components of order communication between manufacturer and trader.”

This includes a field service solution, a digital showroom, a B2B web shop and a cross-supplier order portal.

Under Quintet24.com, the latter integrates numerous B2B web shops of the brand industry in an industry portal solution. Betty Barclay and Digel, as well as Ahlers, Bogner, Brax, Calida, Closed, Drykorn, Esprit, Lee, Luisa Cerano, Mac and Wrangler count among the customers.

 “Traders will find new offers on Q24 every day with a uniform login and uniform operation. All they need is a browser and an Internet connection as well as an invitation from their suppliers to the portal,” explains Hannes Rambold, who also summarises the advantages: “Digital pre-ordering significantly reduces the manufacturers’ distribution costs and the traders’ purchasing costs. …We assume that in the future, every time an order is placed, a check will be made to see if physical presence is necessary.”

The tools are also exciting for in-season management and short-term trend reactions. Here, MobiMedia is cooperating with Hachmeister + Partner.

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