New Working Conditions – Mobility Restrictions & Quarantine Danger

As part of the preventive Corona measures, we receive daily notifications regarding travel restrictions, appointment cancellations and cancellations of events such as trade fairs or similar events.

There are also restrictions in classic office work, maybe caused by the fact that parts of the teams are quarantined – for example, because a colleague has become infected – or because the company itself takes precautions!

The analysis of the effects on existing and future customer projects is therefore justified.

So, what to do and how to proceed?

Working anywhere – Suddenly a high-level topic!

In order to maintain operational readiness, a decentralized working model is more in demand than ever. In this case, working digitally, particularly from anywhere, creates purposeful and necessary perspectives for agility and sustainability within daily working process.

Conditions that MobiMedia has already during its sustainable and future-oriented organization.

And what does it look like?

Switching to home office mode – at the push of a button!

The technical and organizational requirements for connecting the “home workplace” have been already realized and proven.

Company network connection, security aspects, mobile equipment, phone connection, mobile tool integration and agile location-independent project method have been tried and tested. We regularly test office-outside operations and optimize any bottlenecks.

The “homeoffice-mode” at the push of a button can be triggered quickly and easily by an instruction in the emergency message group.

That means no employee in the office, but all employees in the middle of the digital work process. Our customer receives all support and continuous project support, even though no colleague is physically active in the office.

The management and work in the project team, stand ups, plannings, reviews continue without delay and professionally.

Extended support – help on demand

If, you as our customer, have a short-term failure in your IT administration or collection preparation, we will be able to help you promptly and ensure MobiMedia Systems availability and readiness.

For this purpose, we use our online-capable possibilities and operate quickly and easily together with your team.

A short call or an email notification will be enough!

Author. R. Wawrzynek, Board Member / COO

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