SportshopCloud, leading company in the area of product data and content, and MobiMedia, market leader in digital order management, are setting new standards with their joint strategy. The focus of the collaboration is on the development of new tools for retail and industry that further advance digital processes and create a lot of added value. Thanks to the expertise and know-how of the two companies, the areas of product data, master data and digital order management will be linked even more closely:
Simple and efficient exchange of master and product data
The strengths of MobiMedia and SportshopCloud lie in order management and data. Thanks to the experience of both companies and the specially developed AI solutions, users are in a position to convert master data homogeneously and according to individual specifications. 
Interface to Quintet24 – the cross-industry B2B order platform
With Quintet24, MobiMedia operates the successful B2B order platform with over 25,000 registered dealers from around 500 participating brands. The collaboration between MobiMedia and Sportshop.Cloud enables customers of both companies to use their data even more efficiently. This means retailers and manufacturers can exchange the desired data via a central interface at the touch of a button – without any additional effort.
More new digital marketing opportunities
MobiMedia’s core expertise has been in the area of order management for many years. As part of the collaboration with Sportshop.Cloud, the possible uses of the digital workbooks have been expanded once again. Retailers now have the opportunity to create individual brochures quickly, digitally using the modular principle and with the product data from MobiMedia and Sportshop.Cloud and then share them with the target groups via social media, newsletters or even in print. MobiMedia has a very large customer base of brands and manufacturers. SPORTSHOP.CLOUD already reaches over 500 retailers with product data and content and in most cases delivers the data fully automatically to the retailer systems. The partnership creates a multi-lane information highway and a stable and innovative bridge between retail and brands. This partnership represents a new level of digital possibilities for processes in retail and industry.

Andreas Schmid

Founder und CEO  SportshopCloud

“The last few years have shown all players in the industry how important master data, product data and order processes are. Simple and smart processes in these topics lead to improved reach and save important resources. The collaboration with MobiMedia helps us become even more efficient in many processes and both companies are able to create additional added value for customers in addition to their core competencies. Through the partnership, in addition to the sports sector, we can now also take the first big steps into the shoe retail and fashion sectors, which will significantly expand our range…..”

Reinhold Wawrzynek

CEO MobiMedia Group

“Fundamentally, we are experiencing a changed market and demand situation in our industry. The networking of brick-and-mortar shopping experiences and the mobile shopping world has a lasting impact on future potential for industry and commerce. Customer journey, brand experience and digital story telling – all placeholders for what concerns and motivates many of our customers as part of the digital and hybrid change processes. And this is exactly where our partnership with SPORTSHOP.CLOUD comes in. We bundle our core expertise and pursue the common strategy of a needs-oriented and process-integrated data flow without media breaks. Industry and retail benefit equally! The right marketing information for the right product and the retailer also receives an expanded content offering in the portal.”

SportshopCloud has specialised in the areas of product data and content for years. A well-rehearsed team takes over the product data, images and attributes from the manufacturer and can then export these into the respective ERP, PIM or shop systems according to retailer specifications. These processes enable fully automatic data exchange of product data.

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