Hachmeister + Partner and MobiMedia announce the start of a close cooperation aimed at optimising manufacturer and retailer communication.

Both partners support digital communication between manufacturers and retailers. As part of this partnership, H+P contributes its expertise in retail planning and benchmarking while MobiMedia manages the manufacturer communication with its industry portal quintet24.com.

Both will continue to add useful features to the portal and will thereby establish an extensive digital platform that enables collaboration in order planning and merchandise management.

From practical experience for practical application: a digital B2B order platform for the fashion industry

Companies in the fashion, sports and lifestyle industries are in dire need of an open and neutrally managed ecosystem that serves their needs, represents their industry interests and forms the foundation of revenue increases and growth by digitally linking their data to intelligent tools using processes.

It is within this context that both companies are delighted to have acquired a strong partner. The automatic interconnectedness of manufacturer and retailer processes via a digital order portal can now be expanded even further. It is the aim of the cooperation to automate B2B processes and thereby achieve a significant reduction in the costs involved in pre- and re-orders on both sides – manufacturing and retail.

We have asked Christoph Schwarzl, Managing Director of h+p solutions GmbH:

What is the purpose of this cooperation?

“We, at Hachmeister + Partner, strive to provide relevant solutions to the fashion, sports and lifestyle industries. And the link between brand manufacturers and retailers requires digitised processes and automated procedures now as well as in the future. With Quintet24, MobiMedia has not only developed an order portal but also an integrated digital showroom. Together with the expertise and industry knowledge of h+p, this order portal will be expanded and is available for the joint usage by manufacturers and retailers. Thus, we are currently creating an industry-specific B2B order platform that does not exist yet in the market.”

What exactly does the cooperation between Hachmeister + Partner and MobiMedia entail?

“Together with MobiMedia, we will implement the retail-side of the order portal. This includes an easy and fast order entry as well as the optimisation of orders based on h+p benchmark data and h+p trend analyses. With the so-called Order Optimiser, we will provide retailers with a digital tool that automatically generates proactive order suggestions whilst taking into consideration actual sales data along with corresponding trend data that we compute. The Order Optimiser is currently being developed and will be deployed with the first pilot customers in Q1/2020.”

How would you specify the benefits for retailers?

“Ease of use and speed in order entry and order management. Order optimisation through benchmarks and trend analyses in the form of a suggestion system that automatically recommends pre- and re-order quantities, articles and more. All completely digital. Aiming at further improving net profits.”

Which advantages does MobiMedia see in the collaboration with Hachmeister + Partner?

Hannes Rambold, MobiMedia CEO, says:

“The collaboration with Hachmeister + Partner adds prime retail expertise to the industry knowledge inherent in the Quintet24 portal. We can now connect the interests of both retail and brand and thereby provide an industry solution which brings together manufacturers’ interests with retailers’ interests. Both partners are driven by the mutual aim to reduce purchasing costs and increase margins whilst taking into consideration all relevant interests. Fashion has to be desirable once again and needs to be able to act faster on the market.

We thank Hachmeister + Partner for their high level of trust!”

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