Innovative tools along with the best in the industry

Ongoing cooperation in digitisation in B2B sales facilitates the digital transformation for fashion, shoes and sports manufacturers:

The focus of the cooperation is an integrated process chain: from virtual product development via PLM, to digital sales with far-reaching feedback from retailers, to intelligently optimised collection framework plans.

Both companies have adapted their systems to continuous supply chain support in several workshops.

That means manufacturers can now digitally transport all time and cost advantages from design through marketing to retail without interruption, and present a virtual collection with all its advantages.

Virtual products enriched with marketing material can be presented faster and more transparently in the digital showroom, sales and now also in the online portal

Due to the ongoing cooperation between MobiMedia AG and Hachmeister + Partner, customers will also find additional features for the immediate integration of their order in merchandise management and planning.

And here’s something new in the industry: The leading IT providers in the supply chain are coordinating their best practice solutions for a new digital fashion world.

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