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Many purchasing associations rely on MobiMedia’s agile and sustainable portal solution. The digital order platform Quintet24 is successfully used by SABU Schuh- und Marketing GmbH, ANWR Garant Swiss, ANWR Group Germany, INTERSPORT Switzerland and Sport2000. KATAG Fashion and Services will start using it in September 2023. And Intersport Austria is scheduled to start at the end of the year.

Tailor-made and customised for success
We talk to Reinhold Wawrzynek about the challenges of organising associations’ business processes sustainably and successfully and developing individual smart solutions for the diverse requirement profiles.


Digital order platforms are intended to ensure secure purchasing and logistics processes in volatile times. You were able to implement numerous models for a wide variety of associations using MobiMedia.

How does a digital order portal with all its facets differ at the association level?

“It should be noted first that the association plays a special role, because in this time of growing digitalization, bold concepts are needed for your own platform. Presence at digital trade fairs and central digital ordering solutions play a crucial role here and it is precisely this process integration that characterises the core competence in our portal: That means central services for the members on the one hand, agile, sustainable and market-based story-telling for proprietary and industrial brands on the other all in the language and with the special requirements of the association!”


What are the specific features?

“These are the topics in particular:

  • Target-oriented retailer approach while simultaneously taking into account the integration of the association’s own brands and industry brands
  • Category management with all its special features of providing articles, template shopping carts, promotions, campaigns, etc.
  • Tailor-made order management with all its facets such as branch class distribution, selective approach and product range design
  • Agile service area for retailers with targeted provision of marketing assets, digital workbooks or digital story telling

    ….to name just a few important ones!”

Now MobiMedia is essentially a specialist in order portals for purchasing associations – they actually have all the big names on board. In short: New platforms for more brand visibility and with smart benefits for retailers?

“Yes, that makes us really happy and encourages us in our strategy!
I’ll point out 2 best practice examples:

The ANWR-GARANT SWISS AG supplier portal:
The aim of the network was to make brands a digital experience! ANWR GARANT built its supplier portal based on Mobimedia’s Q24 platform with this in mind.

The smart, flexibly scalable supplier portal from ANWR-GARANT SWISS AG connects buyers and suppliers, retailers and manufacturers. It enables suppliers to place offers and messages for specialist retailers in such a way that their brands can be experienced and information is more easily available.

The base version the existing Quintet24 platform already covered numerous association-specific requirements with its very high standard features. But MobiMedia was also able to respond to special needs and implement individual requirements in a short time.

The new platform is state-of-the-art and also guarantees an efficient and modern way of working with specialist retailers. The supplier can also reach retailers outside of ANWR-GARANT SWISS AG and can serve them digitally. It is a closed system with variable product offerings tailored to members – but with the opportunity to reach potential customers such as retailers outside the association. The service can also be used by external and non-affiliated partners of ANWR-GARANT SWISS AG as well as by associations from outside the industry. This flexibility and strategic foresight was particularly important to our Swiss customer.

And another example: KATAG Fashion and Services:
For KATAG, two key criteria in particular were decisive for the decision: a process-integrated system for pre- and post-orders as well as a high level of functional coverage in the standard. As a result, the new order platform offers KATAG partners numerous advantages such as improved functions, device-independent orders from any location, a uniform interface in the showroom and at home, as well as a user-friendly modern design that resembles a typical B2C shopping experience. Choosing this platform significantly improves the shopping experience for KATAG partners.”

It’s about transparency and efficiency – about not having separate systems, but integrated agile solutions.

“Process integration is really key. Efficient supplier communication saves our customers valuable time – time that can be better spent on new creative initiatives and impactful interactions with their customers. Our portal allows product information, orders, and shipping and delivery information to be seamlessly communicated in one central location. The fashion world is moving faster every day. Our portal solution helps retailers, manufacturers and brands compete effectively in an industry that is constantly evolving.”

What is the user feedback? Can you quantify user acceptance?

“Standing still means going backwards, so we are constantly learning and value feedback and communication with our partners. Because every system is only as good as its acceptance by its users. In our experience, the need for a collaborative platform is high. This is also shown by the current access numbers. – To stick with the example of ANWR-Garant Swiss AG, over 151,000 unique users (retailers and brands) already regularly use their portal alone. This represents growth of over 500 percent in the past seven months.”

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