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For many young people, the new training year began with an entirely different outlook than expected. It felt like yesterday that the world was completely open to them: The seemingly endless economic upswing and the increasing shortage of skilled workers meant that companies were virtually fighting over recruits. A salary above the standard wage, good chances of receiving a subsequent job offer, plus an allowance for a driver’s license: none of these were something rare. When the pandemic erupted, the situation suddenly changed dramatically.

Moreover, recruiting fairs couldn’t take place, career counsellors from the employment agencies did not visit schools, and many internships had to be cancelled. And all of that is only starting up again, now. Appeals made to companies to continue training despite the recession have therefore not subsided even after the new apprenticeship year has begun.

Technology can’t do everything

At MobiMedia, we continue to train IT specialists and welcome every application from young people who are enthusiastic about programming. Digital technology has been penetrating our daily lives ever since Corona arrived: virtual reality has virtually become normality with the digital showrooms we create for our customers.

Nevertheless: Technology can’t do everything. Society must constantly re-evaluate its relationship of proximity and distance to technology. This is so that humanity doesn’t slide into a loss of self-determination.
What experiences await trainees at MobiMedia?
We spoke to Andi and Aziz. Aziz is still in training and Andreas is already in the middle of it all.

Would you mind briefly introducing yourselves?

My name is Aziz and I’m from Syria. I have been in Germany for four years and have been training as an IT specialist for system integration here at MobiMedia since September 2019.

Hi, my name is Andreas, I’m from a place near Pfarrkirchen and after graduating from secondary school in 2013 I started training as an IT specialist for system integration here at MobiMedia. Round about two years ago I switched to the development department and since then I have been responsible for internal and customer-specific projects.

What exactly motivated you to pursue this vocational training?

Andi: Right from the start I knew that I wanted to work in the IT industry. Here there were two options after graduating from school: I opted for vocational training because the practice-orientated work and the ever-growing responsibility in the company suited me better than studying for several years. 

Aziz: I wasn’t sure at first which direction I wanted to take, so I did several internships in different areas. That also includes an internship at MobiMedia. After the two weeks I especially liked the teamwork, enjoyed the work itself and the atmosphere. What I especially like here is that everyone sticks together and also personally talks about their everyday life and that people have each other’s backs…

Aziz, I notice that you speak German very well, how come?

I’ve been on the Hebertsfelden football team for three years and have been a coach in the F-Youth league for two seasons. Prior to that I attended the FOS (vocational school) for three years and graduated from secondary school there.  I meet a lot of different people – I like to talk and that’s how I learned the language.

Aziz, what would you like to tell other trainees or interested students?

Everyone is responsible for their own work. Nevertheless, the team always plays a role.  Everyone can contribute in their way. We have a clear corporate structure – with short decision-making paths and …… “Everyone is the boss of their own project”.

Andi, can you briefly say something about the content and subjects of the training?  

The training period was three years and the main focus was on technical customer support and project management.

The training subjects are generally divided into two groups: Interdisciplinary and specific subjects.

The cross-disciplinary subjects deal with the basic training of an IT specialist. Among other things, the topics of simple network technology, basic application programming or hardware are taught.

The specific subjects then intensively deal with the topics relevant to the respective field of study, especially from the 2nd year of training. For system integration, this includes complex networks or complex routing on the Internet. The field of application development focuses on software architecture, documentation and solving complex problems in software development.

What opportunities are open to you after the training? 

After the training, a variety of certifications are available in a wide range of specialist areas. This includes special programming languages, operating systems or hardware certificates.

In addition to that, you can pursue further education at schools of course after your practical training.

In your opinion, what makes vocational training at MobiMedia so different?

From day one, you are included in a wide range of customer projects and thus get to know the workflow very quickly. The daily challenges and helpful colleagues make it easier and easier to solve new problems. You also quickly learn the know-how you need for the training as well as the tasks in the company. I also thought the very calm and “familiar” working atmosphere was very beneficial for my training. (Andi)

That things are full of variety. That you can participate in different areas and projects. That you can contribute your ideas and are taken seriously. That people help each other. Especially when I as a trainee would like to know a little more in detail, I can always find someone who explains it all to me. (Aziz)


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