eVolution is the new intuitive and flexible sales planning tool from MobiMedia for retailers and manufacturers.
Comfort features allow you to be in full control of planning and following an optimal process.
We shift the focus from traditional pre-order planning to where the greatest profitability is being lost, namely to in-season and follow-up control.

MobiMedia and hachmeister+partner have combined their shared consulting and technology expertise into a solution that supports an optimised mid-market planning and control process.

Manuel Morwinski / Principal, hachmeister + partner:

“Working in consulting, I’ve seen many different tools over the years. We’ve now developed a tool that perfectly takes into account the processes of the industry and in particular those of medium-sized companies already in the standard version. So it’s a tool developed from practical experience for practical application, and our tool is designed to be simple, competent but also affordable.”

The solution has already been implemented at Reischmann. Christoph Dreier / Management, Reischmann Group outlines the essential requirements:

“For us, one very important factor is speed. As in many areas of life today, speed is crucial to planning too. So that we can react quickly – including in-season – with reliable numbers and obtain usable results directly, in order to discover gaps and opportunities at very short notice, but also to analyse other things so we can react as quickly as possible. Above all, this comprehensive look at the company is very important, it really allows us to look at the bigger picture rather than selectively at individual things. And therefore speed, accuracy and also clarity are essential for us.”

What are the benefits?

Flexible – our flexible setup of the planning structures allows for individual configuration according to your requirements and straightforward adjustment in the event of requested changes in future.

Intuitive – fast and easy data entry without waiting times and our intuitive structure allow effortless navigation.
Cloud-based – anywhere access to the system through the SaaS solution.

Transparent & visualized – thanks to the dashboards, you always have an eye on all the key figures and can make informed business decisions.

Integrated – seamless use with our other tools, such as mobile order entry, B2B online shop and order platform.

Collaborative – increased efficiency thanks to intelligent planning solution for industry and retail.

Manuel Morwinski / Principal, hachmeister + partner on the comfort features:

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