The Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (The Federation of German Industries) (BDI) has published the third edition of its “German digital B2B platforms” pamphlet.

This overview illustrates that German companies are making use of the strength of Germany as an industrial location and are playing a decisive role in shaping the platform economy. They are making an essential contribution to the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Five platforms are presented in the textile and fashion sector – we are represented by these two platforms:

  • MobiMedia combines traditional field service solutions with a highly individual B2B web shop. MobiMedia maps the complete order process between manufacturers, retailers, its own retail and online channels.
  • Quintet24 is an intelligent platform for the fashion and textile industry that connects buyers, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers. All offers are digitally and fully illustrated with a story, marketing, technology and description, as well as with selected fashion shows and action presentations.

A total of 78 examples of digital platforms are presented in the third edition of the BDI overview of German digital B2B platforms. The publication illustrates the variety of fields of application in the B2B sector: From marketplaces for company requirements to applications for logistics and supply chain management and the control of networkable objects such as machines and plants on the Internet of Things.

B2B platforms are the key to the future viability of German industry.

Digital platforms are everywhere! – Do they need to be regulated?
The need for stronger regulation of platforms has been the subject of sometimes heated debate at national, European and international level for some time. The reason for this demand is the powerful market position of some online brokerage services, such as search engines, online marketplaces and app stores. The BDI is monitoring these discussions with concern, because to date only little differentiation has been made between the different types and uses of platforms.

The German government and the EU Commission are called upon not to nip the development of innovative platform solutions in the bud with excessive regulation. Rather, the aim is to establish an innovation-friendly ecosystem.

Source: BDI


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