Ahlers: Strengthening of distribution channels in e-commerce and mobile commerce with MobiMedia

A comprehensive “package of measures for a medium-term increase in revenue and efficiency” has been launched – the idea: less retail, more e-commerce.

In the 99th business year since the company was founded, it finds itself in a transition year in order to become “more agile, leaner and quicker,” says company director Stella Ahlers.
Source: Annual results press conference of Ahlers AG –28.2.2019 –

Ahlers AG would also like to drive this change with the introduction of a tablet-based order system, among other things. This will be provided by MobiMedia! We look forward to working together!

The focus here: intelligent sales support with a digital showroom.

Individualized marketing integration with strong-selling workbooks and lookbooks ensures user-friendly infrastructure to support digitalisation from product development to management of retail, wholesale and online channel spaces.

Ongoing monthly programmes instead of inflexible seasonal collections and permanent digital distribution of flexible capsule collections round off the services provided by MobiMedia for Ahlers.