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Personal! On-site support & web meeting
Have you experienced this? You have a problem and make a call, then a computer voice answers? With us, your personal and competent partner is available during business hours. Our employees know you and your project. They are in-house and are all trained IT professionals.

Specialists & high-quality

Meaningful solutions
through customised communication

It can be difficult to explain some things by phone. Personal service is very important to us, which is why you can reach MobiMedia via web meetings in sales and support. In addition to the telephone connection, you will also see our screens on your browser.
This allows for quick custom product presentations and better support.

Technically, you only need a telephone and a browser. If you want to test our new service, just give us a call!

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Please use the version that you arrange by phone
with our MobiMedia team:




Customer testimonials

“MobiMedia has convinced us with its industry know-how, mastery of all the necessary technologies and professional support.”

Stephan Traub, Head of IT and Organisation MAC Mode GmbH & Co. KGaA


Seamless integration

How complicated is the digital showroom?

In the development of our digital showrooms, we have incorporated the practical experience of Sales Reps worldwide. User-friendly user guidance and self-explanatory screens are a matter of course for us.

What if I actually don’t know what to do next?

We’ve taken care of that, too. So you can keep an overview even during the greatest ordering tumult. It’s not all lost if you press the wrong button. That’s why we’re here.

Creating workbooks yourself - is it really that easy?

It’s possible with our user-friendly tools. We show you all possibilities during individual training. After all: You should have fun with your work!

What industries is the digital showroom used in?

The MobiMedia digital showroom is used in a wide range of industries. The platform is very flexible. Individual industry requirements are easily adapted.

Does MobiMedia offer training?

Of course, we want you to be happy with your solution and for it to work perfectly. You should almost be able to handle your software in your sleep. We help you.

It all sounds interesting - can I test it?

Of course! We actually want you to do it! Talk to our team. We’ll create your test account for you and show you in a personal presentation what you can look forward to. We can also do it at your location.

Discover the strength of MobiMedia!

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