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Using the tool our Olapsuite MobiOLAP and the option to edit columns with top-down and button-up planning, we have created an ideal planning process Clothing in cooperation with our customers.

We combine retail and wholesale in a single planning and controlling structure. Data loss through media breaks becomes avoidable and we receive single objectives for the whole company.

Precisely because we can plan at distributed locations and display the collection from different perspectives, we get the opportunity to integrate all those involved in the process into planning and controlling:

Those in charge of goods focus on the development of product groups. The sales department is interested in the allocation of sales to fields. The retail department requires evaluations on sales months and P.O.S.T
he design department would like to know how many models are required per planning group.

Usually that is not entered into a database.

Too many dimensions, a classic model cannot process large scale planning.  Our data mining approach proved effective here.

We can filter out the local dimensions required for every user group and thus obtain small functioning data cubes, without loss of data.

Simply have a look for yourself!



The planning tool also offers these features:

MobiWaves can also display the entire order-based turnover and sales planning in trade.

Master planning for the overview of the year gives you a basis for discussion for your strategic decisions.

A flexible planning calendar shows the sales situation per month, supplier, branch and material and price group and produces sales planning in line with promotions and events.

From this, MobiWavesforms open-to-buy information for both pre-orders and follow-up business. The buying limits are then created with MobiWaves from the sales planning.