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MobiMedia mobile order entry: Standalone written order management with any tablet form - intuitive, fast and informative.

Of course, both online and offline:
It features digital collection presentations from table-size to live-size screens – so that you are able to present the customer with your color themes and campaigns optically in high quality and fully mobile.

A reduced basic collection is complemented by digital versions: Your customers are able to compose their own individual color themes on screen. Simply by the touch of their finger - and always backed up with the latest sales  figures.

The result: A greater transparency in the order, reduced sample costs, fast ordering decisions will be made.

Your distributors and area supervisors would like to do their re-order, Flash and pre-orders comfortably with their tablet. Therefore MobiPad works as B2B and B2C online shop for your customers.

Requested items will be displayed visually with deliverable alternatives and supplementary parts, so that a digital sales dialogue is ready to begin.

Because we also run on tablets, digital sales tables and smartphones, we are also represented directly through the products in the shop. This enables you to realize omni channel strategies easily and efficiently with us.

You print expensive workbooks, product catalogues and color cards already for your pre-orders?

Then you will be pleased to see that you will be able to present your style books digitally on your tablet with all your desired filter options, always in the right language and on a daily basis. Your distributors can mark items for the order, and add comments. This ensures that everything gis prepared for the subsequent final order.

At home the customer has their individual workbook in the online shop available for further processing. You are the professional and able to save time and money.

Quintet® shows outfits, possible campaigns and images on all products and without searching and wasting time. Large screens respond to currently selected products. You have your own digital showroom, which you can control easily and quickly.

You want to keep your customers up to date about your products on the sales area as well?

A browser-enabled screen - and you are digitally connected in the shop with the current products. Digital signage, product information, product configuration, omni channel support - quickly and easily.

All without additional interfaces and external systems.

The local screens run offline and they are automatically synchronized.

This offers optimal performance and low costs!


  • You are able to present your collection in all varieties  - clearly arranged, transparent and informative in dialogue with your proven order entry.
  • You are able to reduce your collections significantly by not just saving on the production of samples, but also by reducing the number of your different collections in the showroom.
  • Radical reduction of printing costs in stylebooks and catalogues.
  • Usability of different hardware such as tablets, multi touch screens and digital worktables
  • You are able to integrate MobiMedia’s iPad solution seamlessly into your proven order entry and IT landscape.
  • You are the professional!

Intelligent presentation and optimization of your collection

"With the introduction of the new system, we have significantly optimized our order process. In particular, the preparation and conduct of the order conversation through the optimal integration of technology: Our area managers got the MobiMedia iVolution® solution as a tool, which they use to present our collection during the order in a flexible and uncomplicated way." - Jana Hildenbrand, Director Sales Support by Marc O'Polo.

"This leads to a radical reduction of printing costs for style books and catalogues, as well as more valuable presentation of products. And above all a more efficient and optimized data update."