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Handling complex data in all sales channels could be a challenge.

With MobiCollect® you get an intelligent platform which forms an uncomplicated network and really does reach all participants in the team in an integrated workflow.

MobiCollect integrates PIM, MAM, customer management und channel administration in one tool. All data of your collection could be complemented in the supply chain and filtered and offered for each channel, you need.

For each integrated webshop and each channel there are created - for instance - individual sortiments, categories, languages and campaigns.

You also can administrate the communication to your customers with smartphones as well as the administration of digital signage in the shops is easy to handle, too.

MobiCollect® helps you to handle the communication between design - sales and marketing in an easy way and also elevates your brand image.

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Using MobiCollect® by Mobimedia your staff, cutomers and partner are able to find important data, informations or experts know-how much more easier. So they are able develope new products or services much more faster. This way you can bundle all your potential in innovation and creativity of all your teams in a transparent and intelligent way. You get a big think tank.

Teamwork is project work. We therefore integrate a complete project management system into the software and combine budget and limit planning with your collection framework plan.

A team only works well if everyone is in a position to measure their work against the target. MobiCollect has therefore integrated an extensive business intelligence system.

Tailor-made analyses and reports open with a mouse-click and inform directly about the current situation. Our workflow system monitors punctual completion of the individual steps and reminds about due tasks without stress.

You can look forward to:

  • Performance which is independent of the number of users
  • Flexible, individual forms without limits
  • Customizing for all product sectors and production types
  • End-to-end, secured process rules
  • Integrated project and resource planning
  • Integrated document management


First and foremost, we pay attention to the user situation: we do not change any processes but support people in their work and manager s in their task of creating structure without disturbing creativity. Simple infrastructure, easy-to-use interfaces, flexibly adapted to each of the workstations.Use big industry know-how: the MobiCollect ® platform also supports the big players in the consumer goods and lifestyle industries such as adidas, esprit or INTERSPORT.Developed with the sector-specific expertise of the MobiMedia Group. We have various license models and assist you with all installation, customizing and server installation issues.

The users have a say: user-friendliness enjoys the highest priority at MobiMedia. Here, standard software is offered but it is still no off-the-shelf system but a software solution optimized for individual customer wishes. Many proven standard modules are integrated for you into an appropriate project solution. The result: high-performance, fail-safe solutions which completely support your processes.

With this optimized adaptation we achieve the highest level of user-friendliness; our systems are extremely simple to operate and are perfectly adapted to internal processes.