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Stores, multi-brand concepts, mono-label stores, online shops, suppliers with system orders, different delivery cycles - all those aspects and many more need to be overlooked by a retail purchaser. Purchasers work in teams. It is no longer enough to know the area alone, but to work hand in hand with the vertical suppliers, to discuss annual limits for the systems. Shop-in-shop systems change.

Bosses are interested in sales per square meter of the goods carriers and branches. This arouses interest in planning not only for their own order reliability, but also for the dialogue in the team.

Whereas in the past only the supplier and the product groups were focused on, today pre-orders, promotions, N.O.S, price ranges, system areas, target groups and other dimensions have to be considered additionally. No order discussion will be able to avoid the topic of pre decided limits.

How nice would it be to be able to concentrate more on the products themselves again during the purchase process and still be able to keep the limits in mind?