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Order support in the clothing industry requires first-hand experience - that is to know the industry inside out. However, the many two-dimensional size patterns, through branches to colours, shapes and various delivery options aside, today we work very strongly with the most diverse combinations within the collection.
Our aim:
Easy working on complex structures. We know the industry. 7 out of 10 major suppliers work with us.

With this knowledge we can already figure out with you all requirements in the workshop, speak one common language, know the processes and already have the solution. A solution that we know, user-friendly and also understood by the department.  So you don’t have to train your software partner first.

Vertical integration is spreading with many new functions:  Agency business, concessions, own floor space.

Orders become an integral part of operational planning.  Instead of recording individual items, complete modules for allocating individual delivery dates are offered.  Instead of generating a high volume of sales our constant aim is to enable the appropriate order structures for strong sales.

Today’s quick order rhythms, as well as the breakdown into pre-orders, flash orders and reorders also make suitable integrated web access necessary for the pre-orders.