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In order to guarantee the most essential of all business goals, we have adopted the dolphin strategy by Dudley Lynch and Paul Kordis as a basis for our business. Compare the world with a pond in which fish swim with different strategies: carps, sharks, and dolphins.

Carp avoid all confrontations and hide. They live in constant danger and bondage because they are defenceless against all attacks and the space they can inhabit is limited. 

Sharks rule their pond with violence, strength, and the need for expansion. Since they have to fend against other sharks, they live in danger and fear, and lead lonely lives without help from others. Only the strongest of them survive. Weaknesses, even when only temporary, are punishable by death.

Dolphins are friendly and live in groups. They cooperate. They live free in the pond. They let carp live and respect the sharks. If a shark attacks, they form groups and drive the attacking shark away with blows to its gills, if necessary until the attacker perishes. Strengths are used collectively; weaknesses are eliminated through mutual support.

Expansion gives consideration to the available space. MobiMedia tries to be among the best in the self-defined field of activity and to implement its Know-how in cooperation with software partners and customers. The goal is collective profit in the current projects.  We have been pursuing these goals successfully for more than 30 years. The growth of our company is proof for our strategy of cooperation.